remote start

Start Your Car Before Getting Into It

Rethink your drive to work with a remote car starter. We are located in Bismarck, ND

Before grabbing your morning coffee and breakfast, you hit a button on your car keys. Your car hums to life in the driveway, and by the time you get in the driver's seat your windshield is clear and your vehicle is warm and toasty. Tint-Pro & Custom Accessories programs your remote car starter so you can ignite your engine without leaving the house.

We offer:


  • Model number 5325, which has up to a 1 mile, 2-way range, LCD screen
  • Model number 2625, which has up to 1 mile, 2-way range, LED light
  • Model number 2615, which has up to one mile, 1-way of range
  • My Car brand Smart Start

Contact us today to start using your remote car starter in Bismarck or Mandan, ND.

Complete remote car starter installation by reaching out to us

Cut down your commute time with remote car starter installation. You can be ready to leave any place faster by starting your car with the press of a button. All but one of our models comes with a security system. These keep your belongings and your vehicle safe and sound.

If you have a specific system in mind, let us know. We can order different starter systems to find the best match for your vehicle.

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