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Maintain privacy with home and commercial window tinting, serving Bismarck, Mandan, ND and the surrounding areas

Window tinting isn't just for cars. Tinting the windows of your home or business provides an added layer of privacy. Tint-Pro & Custom Accessories can come to your commercial or residential location to tint the windows. Commercial window tinting helps your clients feel more comfortable and secure.

Our tinting filters out 99% of UV rays, sparing your office from sun damage and excessive heat. Without irritating glare from the sun slicing into the room, you'll be able to focus on work without distractions.

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Save on air conditioning and heating with house window tinting

In addition to preserving your privacy, house window tinting also regulates the temperature of your house. By keeping sunlight from overheating your home, it lowers your monthly air conditioning costs. Tinting also protects your furniture and draperies from fading.

You can visit our shop to view:

  • Examples of different tints
  • Various shades and percentages
  • Styles of window tinting

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