Tint Your Car Windows Without a Hassle

Revamp your car with car window tinting, located in Bismarck & servicing Mandan, ND and the surrounding area

Thanks to car window tinting, no one will be able to see into your car. Tint-Pro & Custom Accessories ensures your privacy and the privacy of your children in the backseat. We also protect you from potential car theft. While your car is parked, other people could look in and see money and valuable electronics. Because of car window tinting, would-be thieves won't see anything worth taking.

Tinted windows improve your:


  • UV protection
  • Privacy
  • Resale value
  • Car's appearance
  • Safety

Call 701-751-8468 now to discuss the benefits of car window tinting. Our shop is located in Bismarck and people often come over from Mandan and all over to get our amazing services at an affordable price.

Professional window tinting gets the job done right

Poorly installed tinting can damage your windows. Don't take the risk. Get professional window tinting with high quality you can trust. 3M Window Tint comes with a lifetime vehicle ownership warranty. You can choose from different percentages of tint and different shades.

Tinting also makes it easier to drive by reducing the glare from the sun. It protects your steering wheel and car seats from fading, and it holds window glass together to keep it from shattering.

Contact us today to ask about professional window tinting, located in Bismarck, ND and a favorite spot for people coming over from near by areas.